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Comando acpi.

Linux Comandos


acpi [options]
Displays information about the ACPI (Advanced Configuration and Power Interface) system, based on the /proc/acpi file. Most kernels after 2.4 support ACPI hardware, and in both hardware and software, ACPI is gradually replacing the older APM (Advanced Power Management) system. Some operating systems, including SUSE, ship a combined ACPI/APM power interface called powersaved. Most, however, require either ACPI or APM software.
Note that some ACPI systems have special events that are not available on others. For example, IBM laptops have events related to their docking stations and keyboard lights that are not used on nondocking or unlighted laptops. On all systems, the /proc/acpi directory must be present for acpi commands to work.


-b, --battery
Display battery information.
-B, --without-battery
Do not display battery information.
-t, --thermal
Display temperature information.
-T, --without-thermal
Do not display temperature information.
-a, --ac-adapter
Show whether the AC adapter is connected.
-A, --without-ac-adapter
Do not show information about the AC adapter.
-V, --everything
Show all information on every device.
-s, --show-empty
Display information even on devices that are not available or not installed, such as empty slots for extra batteries.
-S, --hide-empty
Do not display information on devices that are not operational or not installed.
-c, --celcius
Use degrees Celsius as the temperature unit. This is the default unit.
-d, --directory /path
Use the specified path to ACPI information. The default path is /proc/acpi.
-f, --fahrenheit
Use degrees Fahrenheit as the temperature unit.
-h, --help
Display help information.
-k, --kelvin
Use degrees Kelvin as the temperature unit.
-v, --version
Display version information.

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